Václav Votruba Prize
for the best thesis in theoretical physics

To commemorate late Professor Václav Votruba, the founder of the modern Czech theoretical physics, the Doppler Institute has established a prize bearing his name, which is awarded annually to the author of the best doctoral thesis in theoretical physics. Since its first years, the prize was sponsored by the Foundation for Support of Theoretical Physics, from 2013 on it is supported by the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Rules of the contest
  1. The prize is awarded officially every year on December 19 for the best theoretical-physics doctoral dissertation defended during the three previous academic years; it is handed over at a festive opportunity, usually shortly before that date.
  2. The prize comes with an (indivisible)  financial award of 50000 Czech crowns (before tax). In addition to the main prize, the jury may distinguish other presented work.
  3. The contest is open to everybody independently of his or her university or institute provided his/her age does not exceed thirty years at the moment of the application*. It is considered as a preference if the work follows the scientific legacy of  Professor Votruba.
  4. The deadline for applications in the running year is September 30. A written application together with personal data, a copy of the thesis, and a document confirming its successful defence should be submitted to the steering committee of the contest. The candidate should also submit an electronic version, preferrably in a pdf form. He or she may attach copies of the referee reports; the jury has the right to choose additional referees to evaluate the submitted theses.
  5. The contest takes place if at least three theses are presented. In case of a lesser number of applications the works are automatically transmitted to the next-year contest.
  6. The Doppler Institute pledges to assist at advertising the winning results.

* Meaning that he or she has not reached the 31st birthday at the day of application.

Steering committee

Prof. RNDr. Pavel Exner, DrSc., chairman - phone +420-266-173-293, +420-776-154-823, e-mail
RNDr. Jaroslav Dittrich, CSc. - phone +420-266-173-637, e-mail
Prof. Ing. Miloslav Havlicek, DrSc. - phone +420-222-323-033, e-mail
Ing. Pavel Streda, DrSc. - phone +420-220-318-518, e-mail
Prof. Ing. Jiri Tolar, DrSc. - phone +420-222-317-661, e-mail

Contact addresses

All correspondence should be either passed through a member of  the steering committee or sent to one of the following addresses:

  • Votruba Prize Committee, Department of Theoretical Physics, NPI of the CAS, 25068 Rez near Prague
  • Doppler Institute, FNSPE CTU of Prague, Brehova 7, 11519 Prague 1