Microscope HSP-1000

High speed wide area imaging microscope HSP-1000 manufactured by SEIKO Precision was purchased by the Department of Radiation Dosimetry in 2009. A high-resolution line scannerr instead of a CCD camera acquires and digitizes samples with autofocus and high speed micro positioning up to 50 times faster than similar systems with CCD cameras. A computer controlled mechanism with x-y-z stage mvement allows for clear image acqusition of objects with very uneven thickness at high speed.

Microscope with a sample mounted on a tilting table


The microsope is provided with a light source for transmitted as well as incident light illumination, and with 10x and 20x objective lenses. At the total magnification of 200x, the resolution of the microscope is 0.35 micrometers for pixel. Software for automated analysis of object parameters is also available. For more details on the parameters of the system, see [1] and [2].
The HSP-1000 is a unique microscope system with great potential in the area of track-etched detector analysis, medical, and biology applications, or wherever large scale acquisition of digital images is required. HSP-1000 is one of a kind microscope in Europe. If you are interested in using our microscope in research or commercial applications, please contact

[1] Yasuda, N. et al.: Development of a high speed imaging microscope and new software for nuclear track detector analysis, Radiation Measurements 40 (2005), 311-315.
[2] web sites SEIKO-Precision

Software for image analysis. Surface of a track-etched detector with heavy ion tracks is shown as an example.