Public events

The Nuclear-Chemical Afternoon in Řež took place online

The Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences has traditionally included the Open Days of the Řež scientific valley. In 2021 year, it took place on November 6 from 1 pm to 4 pm in the online form, under the name Nuclear-Chemical Afternoon in Řež.

In his one-hour part, V. Wagner (NPI) first introduced the common beginnings of the institute with its later division into NPI and ÚJV. Then he focused on the past and current activities of the NPI of the CAS and its upcoming projects, such as testing materials for future nuclear reactors, including fusion reactors, or testing of radiation effects on dosimetric phantoms of human bodies during space missions. He described the advantages, areas of application and specifics of accelerators used in NPI: cyclotrons U-120M, TR-24, Microtron MT-25, linear accelerator Tandetron and novelty, accelerator mass spectrometer MILEA, which will be used mainly in dating in archeology and other fields. He also mentioned the use of neutron channels, which NPI has leased at the LVR-15 nuclear reactor in Řež, and which serves as a source of low-energy thermal neutrons, but also for research into magnetic properties. At the end of Wagner's performance, there was ten-minute cartoon movie Urychlovač částic (Particle Accelerator) from the 6th documentary series NezKreslená věda (Undistorted Science). The whole record of Wagner's part (in Czech) can be found on the NPI Youtube channel here.

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VědaFest 2021: from online to the real world

Last year, the annual outdoor Science Festival took place in the online form only. But this year there took place on September 8 physically again, under the new name VědaFest (ScienceFest), with the subtitle Fun Science Laboratory on Kulaťák („Kulaťák“ is an informal name for the Vítězné náměstí – Victory Square – in Prague´s quarter Dejvice). The stand of the NPI of the CAS could not be missed here.