In 2009 our laboratories were renovated and now we operate following:

  • radiocarbon dating laboratory (international code CRL) in collaboration with the Archaeological Institute AS CR, their web sites in Czech are available here
  • low-activity measurement laboratory
  • biophysics laboratory

Our basic equipment is particularly:

  • photon beams (60Co, 137Cs)
  • neutron sources
  • liquid scintillation spectrometers (TriCarb 3170, Quantulus 1220)
  • LUCIA G/NIS automatic optic analyzer with Leitz microscope and NIS-Elements 2.30 software
  • HSP-1000 high speed wide area imaging microscope by SEIKO Precision Inc. with HspFit evaluation software
  • detectors for measurements in various radiation fields
  • tissue equivalent proportional counter HAWK for measurement in mixed radiation fields