The group led by Ondrej Ploc focuses on the following topics:

  • Research of cosmic rays and radiation events in the atmosphere within the research center CRREAT
  • Research and monitoring of cosmic radiation aboard the International Space Station and other satellites, as well as on the stratospheric balloons such as Fik and high-altitude observatories
  • Monitoring of cosmic radiation aboard aircraft and development of the online database using the Lulin detector, along with comparison with the neutron monitoring database on Lomnicky stit in the High Tatras in collaboration with the Institute of Experimental Physics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • Monitoring of atmospheric phenomena in Milesovka hill using the SEVAN detector in cooperation with the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the CAS (here - registration required, send an email to and involvement in the international SEVAN database
  • Dosimetry of aircraft crews
  • Spectrometry of linear energy transfer in radiotherapeutic beams and their surroundings
  • Development of new dosimetric methods and detectors



Jan during experiment onboard aircraft.

Liulin detectors placed onboard aircraft in snack boxes.

Iva takes care about detectors before irradiation.

 The tracks of carbon beams of different energies on the surface of track etch detectors.

High altitude observatory Lomnicky stit.