Research and Development

Large research infrastructures and centers

  • Center of Accelerators and Nuclear Analytical Methods - CANAM
  • The European Spallation Source - ESS Scandinavia - CZ
  • The Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research - FAIR-CZ
  • Systeme de Production d’Ions Radioactifs Accélérés en Ligne - SPIRAL2-CZ
  • Research Center of Cosmic Rays and Radiation Events in the Atmosphere - CRREAT
  • Ultra-trace isotope research in social and environmental studies using accelerator mass spectrometry - RAMSES

Brookhaven National Laboratory -BNL-CZ
European Organization for Nuclear Research - CERN

Research projects
NPI of the CAS is a host organization for a number of projects. Recently, we can mention for example the KINEÓ mobility project or the Long-term Support for High Quality Research in the Field of Extreme States of Nuclear Matter project, both supported from EU funds (OP RDE and OP EC). Among the Horizon international projects, the Science & Innovation with Neutrons in Europe in 2020 - SINE2020 project can be mentioned.

Experimental equipment
NPI of the CAS is the largest operator of accelerators in the Czech Republic. Two of the main ones are the new cyclotron TR-24 of the Canadian company ACSI and the older cyclotron U-120M, for lower energy there is used the linear accelerator Tandetron. For experiments with electron beams, the smaller Microtron cyclic accelerator is used. Other important experimental devices are fast neutron sources, using U-120M accelerator beams, and neutron diffraction and scattering devices in the LVR-15 reactor.