Gender Equality Plan

The Gender Equality Plan is a tool to systematically address gender issues. It aims to generate structural and cultural changes in the NPI CAS in the field of equal opportunities.

Areas of GEP focus:

  • conditions for career advancement and development
  • opportunities for balancing work and personal life/parenthood, childcare provisions, maternity/paternity/parental leave provisions
  • working conditions - time demands of work, flexible and part-time forms of work
  • selection of new staff
  • consideration of leaving the institution
  • evaluation system for scientific and teaching work
  • culture of the working environment
  • prevention of sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace and ways to respond to them if they occur
  • gender balance in leadership and decision making
  • age structure balance

The gender equality team at NPI CAS is composed of representatives of the management, NPI Board, professional and scientific staff of the NPI. With this document the management of the NPI states that the principle of equal opportunities applies to all positions at the NPI through the implementation of gender equality, the recruitment process, nominations to professional bodies, the evaluation system and renumeration.

Gender Equality Plan

Interim Report as of 30. 6. 2023

NPI is committed towards gender equality and social responsibility within its scientific and professional community and in the wider academic environment. NPI therefore supports the development of various measures in this direction. Regular data analysis, including information on the representation of gender, age, type and extent of employment, wages and other indicators for employees and students, provides valuable information on the dynamics of gender equality in NPI and enables comparisons with Czech and international academic institutions. NPI is aware that organizational culture and work-life balance are key components in creating an environment where everyone can fully devote themselves to their work and have equal career opportunities. When creating gender rules, the specifics of work and research at NPI are also taken into account in contrast to the different biological and social features of men and women. NPI strives to be a socially responsible institution that successfully integrates and proliferates gender conscious research and education. At NPI we strive to cultivate a community that operates fundamentally on the grounds of mutual respect between all its members. Consequently, gender-based violence including sexual harassment is not tolerated within the Institute.

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