International cooperation

NPI physicists participate at the large experiments like STAR - BNL, ALICE LHC - CERN, experiments at GSI and GANIL, neutrino experiment KATRIN. On the other hand, some NPI local experimental facilities are required and used by our foreign partners. Cyclotron U-120M serves for the measurement of astrophysically important nuclear reactions (collaboration Řež-Texas-Catania). Rather unique generator of fast neutrons installed at the cyclotron is used for the measurement of neutron activation cross sections required for perspective nuclear energetics among other (e.g. for projects IFMIF and ITER).

SINE2020Neutron Physics Laboratory, which operates neutron physics facilities for materials research at the research reactor LVR-15 (reactor operated by Research Center Řež) is a partner in european research project SINE2020 (Science and Innovation with Neutrons in Europe in 2020) in the framework programme HORIZON 2020.

A highly sensitive microprobe was recently installed at the Tandetron 4130 MC accelerator under substantial help from the collaboration with ATOMKI Debrecen.

There exist extended international collaborations in the most fields of NPI activities, like e.g. theoretical and mathematical physics, neutron physics, nuclear analytical methods, and radiation dosimetry.