Currently, we operate the following facilities:

Our basic equipment is particularly:

  • Photon beams (60Co, 137Cs)
  • Neutron sources
  • Accelerator mass spectrometer MILEA
  • Measurement platform on a car equipped with a high-speed camera, antennas, and ionizing radiation detectors designed for measurements in storms
  • FTIR spectrometer Nicolet IS50 from Thermo Scientific with a diamond ATR attachment
  • Preparative gas chromatograph Agilent 8890 with FID detector, fraction collector and mass spectrometer with time-of-flight analyzer
  • Mass spectrometer Delta V with elementar analyzer Flash IRMS from Thermo Scientific
  • LUCIA G/NIS automatic optic analyzer with Leitz microscope and NIS-Elements 2.30 software
  • HSP-1000 high speed wide area imaging microscope by SEIKO Precision Inc. with HspFit evaluation software
  • Fluorescent upright miscroscope ZEISS AxioImager M2 TL/FL with color and monochromatic camera
  • Olympus SZX10 stereomicroscope with a total magnification of 6.3x - 63x


  • Basic equipment for radiation metrology and measurements in mixed radiation fields, including neutrons and high-energy radiation
  • Tissue equivalent proportional counter HAWK for measurement in mixed radiation fields
  • Silicon diode detectors (AIRDOS, SPACEDOS, LABDOS) for measuring ionizing radiation on aircrafts, stratospheric balloons, satellites, and spacecraft
  • Time pixel detectors
  • Strip detectors
  • Gamma spectrometers with inorganic crystals (RT51, GROWTH, GEODOS)
  • Solid-state track detectors and equipment for their evaluation
  • Large plastic scintillator SEVAN installed at Milesovka
  • Two liquid scintillation spectrometers (TriCarbn 3170, Quantulus 1220)


  • Ultra-low temperature freezer
  • Centrifuges
  • Laminar box and cell incubators
  • Muse cytometer
  • Microplate spectrophotometer Epoch
  • Lyophilizer