The group of Radiobiology aims to understand the nature and extent of damage to DNA and DNA-protein complexes induced by ionizing radiation at molecular and cellular levels. The group also conducts biophysical simulations and modeling.

The group of Dosimetry evaluates exposure to cosmic radiation on Earth and in its vicinity. The focus also extends to microdosimetry and processes of energy transfer by ionizing radiation. In 2012, the group made the online database of measurements aboard aircrafts with Liulin detector and neutrons on Lomnicky stit accessible.

The group of Radioecology utilizes analyses of several radionuclides to investigate anthropogenic influences on the environment. The group studies the occurence of radionuclides in the vicinitys of nuclear and fossil fuel power plants. Additionally, using radiocarbon dating, the laboratory contributes to research on past anthropogenic influences and climatic changes. The website of the radiocarbon dating laboratory with international CRL code is available here.