doc. Dr. Ing. Pavel Kovář

doc. Dr. Ing. Pavel KovářP. Kovář will study the relationships between dosimetric measurements of radiation phenomena in the atmosphere and errors and availability of GNSS receivers. He will also study the manifestations of radiation phenomena in the atmosphere in the radio bands L, S and C. The aim of his research activities will be to better understand the related errors of GNSS systems and the mechanism of their formation. In addition, he will support scientific activities of the team by providing expertise in the fields of signal processing, time synchronization of scientific experiments using GNSS, positioning of mobile navigation instruments, measurements of data for determining the humidity of the atmosphere and provide expertise in lightning detection by radio systems and knowledge in the field of aerospace systems and UAV navigation.

He is also the supervisor of Ing. Jakub Kákona doctoral thesis and research area garant for RD3.