Olena Velychko


Olena Velychko is originally a mathematician with a degree of associate professor, Candidate of Sciences from the Zaporizhzhya National University, Ukraine. She deals with monitoring radiation of various atmospheric phenomena using advanced mathematical methods for processing and analysis of data from scintillation detectors (gamma spectrometers), search / differentiation of various events (TGE, ...).
The specific tasks are:
 - Characterize gamma radiation spectrometers with different crystals for measuring high-energy radiation phenomena.  
 - Find methods for identifying radiation phenomena associated with thunderstorms and distinguishing them from the normal background.
 - Apriori evaluation of the minimal time needed for the detectors to fulfill given precision.

Dissertation topic: Use of gamma spectrometry for measuring high-energy radiation phenomena
Supervisor: Ing. Iva Ambrožová, PhD.
Ph.D. student since 2021