Example of irradiation services

Radiation resistance of various materials

Radiation resistance testing and studies in well controlled and monitored condition is possible for electron and photon beam and for neutrons. Equipment for standard homogenous electron and photon beam generation is at one’s disposal on workstation B.

Materials activation for photon activation analysis by photonuclear reactions

Photon beams are frequently used for photon activation analysis of geological, biological, environmental and others samples. This method allows non-destructive determination of large number of elements. The laboratory is equipped with coaxial HPGe detector and multichannel analysator.

Radioisotopes production

Some photo-nuclear reactions can produce a number of radionuclides. There is for examlpe possibility to install a pilot apparatus for 123I production on the workstation A. 124Xe is irradiated under pressure; this radioisotope is generated for radiofarmaceutical production on external workplace.

Radiation detectors calibration in photon and electron fields

The workstation B is equipped with contrivance for generation of highly homogenous gamma and electron fields with exactly determinates value of dose rate (gamma fields – max. 10 Gy/min, electron fields – several hundreds Gy/min, field size is 10x10cm2). The calibrated ionisation chambers for gamma and electrons are at one’s disposal (with relevant measure lines and precise calibrated electrometer).
The microtron laboratory is equipped with accurate integral electron current measurement from 109 to 1016 electrons/cm2 for the nuclear physics purposes.

Radiation modification of matters attributes

The studies and testing of radiation colorize of plastic materials, glasses and crystals produced by bremsstrahlung, the modifications of theirs optical, electrical and mechanical attributes. It is possible to produce a decorative plexiglas blocks with discharge track in electron beams.

Radiation sterilization

Both electron and photon beams are suitable for sterilization. In case of electron beam is reached sterilization dose during a few minutes (depending on the sample size). The beams with energy up to 10 MeV are used for irradiation of biological, food and similar samples.

Radiation crosslinking

Crosslinking improve some properties of polymers. Irradiation creates free radicals which will often chemically react in various ways. The free radicals can recombine forming the crosslinks. The radiation crosslinking can be performed by electron or photon beams.