Ing. Dagmar Peksová

Ing. Dagmar PeksováDagmar Štěpánová (Kyselová-Peksová) deals with the research of the relation between cosmic radiation and high-energy atmospheric phenomena, especially the terrestrial gamma-ray flashes (TGF), radiation phenomena associated with lightning, and radiation protection of aircraft crew. In the frame of the CRREAT project, she will conduct experiments with the ionizing radiation created by the artificial lightning generators in a laboratory to estimate the dose rates on board aircraft induced by lightning. Moreover, she will analyze dosimetry data for the European Dosimetry Network aboard Aircraft (EDNA) in order to find the TGF effects.

Dissertation topic: Dosimetric Context of Cosmic Rays and High-Energy Atmospheric Physics
Supervisor: Ing. Ondřej Ploc, PhD.
Ph.D. student since: 2016