Laboratory of Tandetron (LT)

The accelerator Tandetron 4130 MC, put into operation in 2005, is a source of accelerated ions of most of elements from H to Au with energies from 0.4-20 MeV and intensities up to tens of mA. The main laboratory accessories are devices for material characterization by standard nuclear analytical techniques (RBS, RBS-channeling, ERDA, ERDA-TOF, PIXE, PIGE, and Ion-Microprobe with 1 μm lateral resolution) and for high-energy implantation. In the laboratory there are several other devices intended mostly for preparation of micro- and nano-structures using different deposition techniques and for their characterization by other complementary methods (e.g. AFM). Staff qualification and the parameters of the experimental devices of the laboratory are fully comparable to similar ones worldwide. With this equipment the laboratory is unique in the Czech Republic and it is able to meet all specific demands of Czech and foreign research organizations.

Material research belongs to traditionally progressive fields of technology. Its products are used in the everyday life worldwide. However, due to the continuous miniaturization, the underlying structures are far beyond the analytical limits of the most of conventional methods. Nuclear analytical methods provide this possibility as they use probes of similar or much smaller dimensions (particles, radiation).

The Tandetron 4130 MC is a compact, multipurpose electrostatic tandem accelerator system produced by High Voltage Engineering Europa B.V., The Netherlands (HVEE). It was installed at NPI in the November 2005 and from the beginning of the year 2006 the accelerator is fully operable. The main purpose of the Tandetron is production of ion beams with energies in the range from 400 keV to 24 MeV of almost all elements of the periodic system for the trace element analysis by means of the nuclear analytical methods. It is the medium-current (MC) version with a terminal voltage varying from 200 kV to 3MV.


Other facilities offered by LT

Deposition box

We can offer additional equipment which is typically used for the metal coating deposition. Our deposition box is equipped by two magnetron sources useful for the deposition of metal layers, bi-metal layers (Cu, Al, Au…). The flat, homogeneous, pure metal layers with the thicknesses ranging from several tens of nm to several micrometers could be deposited in this deposition box.

INTEGRA - Scanning Probe Microscopy

STM/ AFM (contact + semi-contact + non-contact) / Lateral Force Microscopy / Phase Imaging / Force Modulation / Adhesion Force Imaging / Magnetic Force Microscopy / Electrostatic Force Microscopy / Scanning Capacitance Microscopy / Kelvin Probe Microscopy / Spreading Resistance Imaging.
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