LNAM History

1956 - RBS method (Rutherford Back Scattering)

Prof. Č. Šimáně, RNDr. J. Urbanec, mid 50s:
Characteristic Roentgen spectra at the cascade accelerator, Prague-Hostivař
RNDr. Josef Habanec, mid 60s:
RBS and RBS-C measurements at the Van de Graaff accelerator, Řež
1970 - PIXE method (Proton Induced X-Ray Emission)

Ing. Jiří Kvítek, ing. Vl. Hnatowicz, mid 80s:
Cooperation with Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Institute of Physical Chemistry (ing. J. Plešek, RNDr. Č. Jech)

PIXE, PIGE: Ing. J. Kvítek, ing. Vl. Hnatowicz, ing. Ivan Obrusník, RNDr. Vladimír Havránek, mid 80s


Former Van de Graaff accelerator, put into operation in the mid 60s. Maximum voltage 3,5 MV, rf source of protons and alpha particles. Now there is placed in the National Technical Museum, Prague

Experimental setup in the late 80's:

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PIGE                                                                                       RBS