Department of Neutron Physics

The activity of the Neutron Physics Department has been focusing basically in two directions:

  • Fundamental and Applied Research with Thermal Neutrons at the Reactor LVR-15
  • Nuclear Analytical Methods with Charged Particles at the Tandetron accelerator


Fundamental and Applied Research with Thermal Neutrons

Neutron Physics Laboratory (NPL) is a part of the CANAM infrastructure. NPL mission is to perform neutron-physics experiments according to the NPI research programme as well as to provide experimental facilities and research experience to external users from Czech Republic and all over the world in Open Access mode. The neutron channels hired at nuclear research reactor LVR-15 of the Research Centre Řež are employed for materials research using neutron diffraction as well as for experiments in nuclear physics and for neutron activation analysis.
Scattering of neutrons is used to study structure of materials in various size scales, from ordering of atoms in crystal lattice to microscopic heterogeneities on nano- and microscopic scales. High penetration of neutrons in most materials permits to carry out these tests non-destructively in the bulk and/or inside special sample environment (low and high temperatures, mechanical load).
Nuclear reactions of neutrons with matter are employed to analyze concentrations or concentration profiles of elements in solids as well as for fundamental nuclear physics.

Nuclear Analytical Methods with Charged Particles

Electrostatic accelerator, Tandetron 4130 MC, is used for synthetization of micro- and nanostructured materials as well as elemental and structural analysis. Laboratory of Tandetron is equipped with a broad portfolio of ion beam techniques using elastic and inelastic processes taking place in materials under the ion bombardment including RBS, RBS-channelling, PIXE, PIXE channelling, PIGE, NRA, ion microbeam elemental mapping, 3D elemental tomography in material engineering, environmental, health and energy studies. Ion beams are used for doping, intentional defect creation, surface modification, nanostructuring of bulk as well surfaces, single ion irradiation, ion implantation and 3D ion lithography for application in nano-optics and electronics, energy storage, biomedical materials, sensing, bionics etc.

Our laboratory is unique in Czechia and fully competitive with similar European centres. We have a broad collaboration with national and international institutes, universities and companies in fundamental research as well as in industrial applications.