Floods in August 2002 - consequences

  • technological cyclotron subsystems were located in the basement
  • water level up to 1.5 m, in some rooms up to 2.3 m
  • serious damage of the following cyclotron subsystems:
    • high current power supplies for the cyclotron magnetic system (main coil, 20 correction and harmonic coils)
    • high voltage power supplies for the RF generator output cascade (anode voltage, screen grid voltage, AC stabilizer etc.)
    • power supplies for cyclotron ion source
    • more than twenty high current power supplies for the quadrupoles, bending and correction magnets of the beam line system
    • primary pump of the cyclotron and beam line vacuum system incl. valves
    • cooling system of the cyclotron
    • all electric distribution frames and panel switchboards
    • etc.

All flooded power supplies and equipments were replaced by the new ones. (The main suppliers: F.u.G. Rosenheim, Germany; Walker LDJ, USA)
This upgrade resulted in considerable increase of the beam stability.

Standard level of the river

View on the bridge crossing the Vltava river

View on the Institute buildings

Road to the cyclotron building

Power supplies for correction coils

Power supplies for RF generator output cascade

A detail of an electronic circuit board