Axial injection

Axial injector of the cyclotron U-120M

Axiální injektor na cyklotronu U-120M


  • electrostatic version
  • spiral quadrupoles
  • equipotential lenses
  • electrostatic correction plates
  • not installed on the cyclotron

1990–1995 (GA ČR 102/94/0364)

  • magnetostatic version
  • solenoids with Fe structure i.e. B – channel
  • spiral inflector
  • two gap first harmonic buncher
  • ion source CUSP (TRIUMF) 1.3 mA of DC H- ions
  • Li ion source (modified Duoplasmatron, Li+3 (low beam intensities))
  • In operation on the cyclotron
  • Problem: Dee voltage max. 36kV! , p+ beam energy limitation!