19. 06. 2024
Actinium-225 (225Ac), which has a high potential for the treatment of small tumours and metastases, could be produced in the future using a technology developed by Czech scientists. ...
04. 06. 2024
The NPI is involved in the research of the so-called Calva from Čáslav, a skull relic attributed to the famous military leader Jan Žižka, and other artefacts found together with the skull.
06. 03. 2024
The oldest currently known human occupation of Europe lies near the town of Korolevo in western Ukraine. New findings by an international team led by Roman Garba from the Nuclear Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences have confirmed ...
22. 11. 2023
On Friday, November 10, and Saturday, November 11, 2023, the traditional Open Days as part of the Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences, organized annually jointly by the NPI, the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry (IIC) of the CAS, the ÚJV Řež ...
20. 11. 2023
On November 14, 2023, NPI was visited by Prof. RNDr. Eva Zažímalová, CSc., president of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS), and Ing. Ilona Müllerová, DrSc., vicepresident of the CAS. ...
13. 10. 2023
On Saturday, November 11, 2023, the traditional Open Day will take place in the research area of Řež. Open Day is organized annually as part of the Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS), jointly by the NPI of the CAS, the Institute of ...
13. 09. 2023
On September 13, the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) published an interview in Czech with one of this year's winners of the Otto Wichterle Prize, who is also an employee of our Department of Radiation Dosimetry and the CRL and AMS laboratories, ...
18. 07. 2023
At the beginning of July 2023, a seven-minute video movie was completed, presenting the new AMS laboratory with the MILEA accelerator mass spectrometer, built as part of the RAMSES project in the accelerator complex of the NPI of the CAS in Řež.
30. 06. 2023
From June 8 to 10, 2023, another Veletrh vědy (Science Fair), the largest science popularization event in the Czech Republic, took place at the PVA Expo exhibition center in Letňany Prague's quarter. Traditionally, there was also the NPI stand.
11. 04. 2023
An international team led by the Institute of Archaeology of the CAS in Prague has successfully completed its third excavation season in Oman. Radiocarbon and cosmogenic nuclides datings of the findings are provided by the NPI of the CAS.
08. 11. 2022
From November 4 to 5, 2022, as part of the Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS), the annual Open Days took place in the Řež research area, co-organized by two of CAS institutes – the Nuclear Physics Institute and the Institute of ...
13. 06. 2022
On June 6, six North Carolina State University students from the USA visited the AMS Laboratory and the U-120M and TR-24 cyclotrons during their study internship abroad, as a part of the Introduction to Engineering and Problem Solving program.