Czech Academy of Sciences published an audio podcast with Veronika Brychová

13. 09. 2023

On September 13, the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) published an interview in Czech with one of this year's winners of the Otto Wichterle Prize, who is also an employee of our Department of Radiation Dosimetry and the CRL and AMS laboratories, in the form of a half-hour audio podcast entitled Veronika Brychová nahlíží urychlovačem částic do pravěkého jídelníčku (Veronika Brychová peeks into the prehistoric diet with a particle accelerator).

The interview, recorded directly in the AMS laboratory, focuses both on V. Brychová's personal journey from the study of chemistry and food science to the molecular-specific approach of dating historical objects, as well as on the functioning of the radiocarbon method and the influence of nuclear weapons testing in the 20th century on the methodology for determining the age of artifacts. In terms of the ability to measure the age of ceramic vessels using food residues in their pores, both the CRL and the AMS laboratory of the NPI are among the world's top workplaces.

Photo: Jana Plavec, Centre of Administration and Operations CAS