Research Overview

Research activities of the Department cover a wide range of topics:

Nuclear Physics

  • microscopic models of nuclear structure
  • production and structure of hypernuclei
  • electromagnetic and weak meson exchange currents
  • ab initio nuclear structure calculations for dark matter searches


Hadron Physics

  • models of low-energy meson-baryon interactions
  • ab initio calculations of hadronic systems
  • few-body systems with mesons and hyperons
  • electromagnetic production of strangeness
  • strong interaction effects in exotic atoms
  • processes with high transverse momenta at relativistic energies
  • inclusive particle production at high energies


Theoretical Physics

  • quasi-Hermitean Hamiltonians, phase transitions
  • composite Higgses and their properties
  • PT symmetric and supersymmetric quantum systems
  • spectral analysis of Dirac materials
  • solution of Schwinger-Dyson equation in Minkowski space
  • dynamical fermion mass generation and its consequences
  • non-stationary Wheeler-DeWitt-type equations and their interpretation


Mathematical Physics

  • spectral theory of non-self-adjoint operators
  • shape optimization in spectral theory, geometric analysis on manifolds
  • quantum waveguides and layers; geometrically induced properties
  • ideal and leaky quantum wire systems; spectra, scattering, approximations
  • magnetic transport; existence and stability of edge-type states
  • mathematical aspects of metamaterials
  • Zeno and anti-Zeno dynamics of decaying quantum systems
  • Kato‘s exceptional points, perturbation theory


The mathematical physics research activities are a part of the center of basic research "Doppler Institute for Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics" and are performed together with colleagues from Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, CTU Prague, and the University of Hradec Kralove.

The department organizes regularly the international conferences:

The members of the department give lectures at Charles University and Czech Technical University, Prague, and supervise both the doctoral and diploma theses.