The third meeting of the SAC FAIR-CZ was held after the year again

13. 02. 2018

The third annual meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the large research infrastructure FAIR-CZ was held in the Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics conference center House of Professed at Malo-stranské Square in Prague on January 31st, 2018. The meeting, held in English, was attended by international scientific members of the SAC: Prof. Dr. Paolo Giubellino, Joint Scientific Director for GSI/FAIR, Prof. Dr. James Ritman and Prof. Dr. Joachim Stroth.

Meeting was preceded by an excursion to the Microtron accelerator facility (NPI) in Prague where the irradiation and subsequent tests of PWO crystals for the PANDA (FAIR) project were presented to the SAC members. Then the SAC members continued the excursion at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FNSPE CTU), where the development of silicon track detectors in group of Dr. Václav Vrba was shown.

The meeting was started by Dr. Andrej Kugler (NPI), project leader of FAIR-CZ, who welcomed all participants, and by Dr. Petr Lukáš, NPI Director, who presented the work and plans of the NPI. Director deputy Dr. Ondřej Svoboda (NPI), together with the head of the Department of International Relations of the NPI Naděžda Witzanyová summarized the history, current situation and outlook of FAIR-CZ. The Czech contribution to the HADES project (ECAL) within the FAIR infrastructure was discussed by Dr. Pavel Tlustý (NPI), Vasily Mikhaylov (NPI) spoke about the Czech contribution to the CBM project. Prof. Dr. Miroslav Finger (Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics) introduced the Czech contribution to the PANDA project and also briefly outlined the history of the change of crystals producer for the project that became newly the Czech company Crytur. In detail, Dr. David Petrýdes (Crytur) continued explaining of it. Dr. Marie Davídková (NPI) approached the Czech contribution to the BIOMAT project (APPA) and Dr. Vratislav Chudoba (Silesian University in Opava) spoke about the Czech contribution to the NuSTAR project.

Each contribution ended with a discussion in which foreign participants were particularly active. In particular, they have clarified the current technical and administrative issues of the project and the issues related to crystal production, and they have also contributed with their advices.