The gaseous krypton source from NPI is already in Karlsruhe

23. 03. 2020

Despite the current difficult situation, NPI scientist Dr. Drahoš Vénos managed to supply a new strong source of radioactive 83mKr gas, created in NPI, to Karlsruhe (Germany). This source is necessary for the third 60-day neutrino mass measurement in the KATRIN experiment, which started a few days ago at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

The maternal rubidium 83Rb, which produce radioactive isotope of crypton 83mKr, have a half-decay of 86 days. For the KATRIN, isotope is used in gaseous form instead of tritium to verify the entire system and the tritium source itself, and also serves as a solid source with high electron energy stability for the monitoring spectrometer.

Plenary session of the KATRIN experiment will take place today, firstly as a videoconference broadcasting.

(Photos by: Jana Plavec, Czech Academy of Sciences)









Prof. Ing. Ondřej Lebeda, chief of the NPI radiochemistry laboratory, where the irradiated target for KATRIN was processed