The fourth meeting of the SAC FAIR-CZ: before the Aspirant Partnership signature

25. 01. 2019

The fourth annual meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the large research infrastructure FAIR-CZ was held in the building of the Czech Technical University (CTU), Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FNSPE) at Břehová Street in center of Prague on January 9th, 2019. The meeting, held in English, was attended by international scientific members of the SAC: Prof. Dr. Paolo Giubellino, Prof. Dr. James Ritman and Prof. Dr. Joachim Stroth.

The meeting was started by Dr. Andrej Kugler (NPI), main project manager of FAIR-CZ, who welcomed all participants and presented FAIR-CZ-OP and FAIR-CZ projects status. Deputy project manager Ing. Naděžda Witzanyová summarized the general overview of the current situation and outlook of FAIR-CZ-OP for 2019. Prof. Dr. Miroslav Finger (Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics) introduced the progress of Czech contribution to the PANDA collaboration. Dr. Marie Davídková (NPI) approached the Czech contribution to the BIOMAT collaboration (APPA). Dr. Vasily Mikhaylov (NPI) spoke about the Czech contribution to the CBM collaboration, Ing. Libor Juha (Institute of Physics of the CAS) spoke about the HED@FAIR, connected with PALS - Proof of principle experiments for FAIR and ELI (Swift ions and energetic photons). Dr. Martin Urbanec (Silesian University in Opava) presented progress in exploring nuclear physics with neutron stars. Dr. Vratislav Chudoba (Silesian University in Opava) spoke about the Czech contribution to the EXPERT (NuSTAR) collaboration: EXPERT@Super-FRS Experiments. The Czech contribution to the HADES collaboration (ECAL) was presented by Dr. Pavel Tlustý (NPI). Dr. Petr Chudoba presented a current ECAL@HADES status. In the afternoon block SAC closed meeting took place.  

As the signature of Aspirant Partnership agreement between Czech Republic (represented by NPI) and FAIR GmbH is coming up, this meeting had an extraordinary media coverage: TV interviews with Prof. Giubellino were broadcasted by main Czech TV (CT24) and by other TV channels (videomagazine Czech Science, produced by CAS and shared by several regional TVs and Christian TV Noe). Two webpages published articles on FAIR: main CAS webpage and popular science webpage