The fifth annual SAC meeting of the FAIR-CZ project

17. 02. 2020

The fifth annual meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the FAIR-CZ large research infrastructure took place on February 12, 2020 in Prague's Villa Lanna, facility of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Like the previous meeting, it was conducted in English.

Among the thirty participants there were also Dr. Petr Lukáš, Director of the NPI, Prof. Dr. Vladimír Baumruk, Vice-dean of FMP CU, Dr. Marek Vyšinka, Representative of MEYS, and the SAC members: prof. Dr. Paolo Giubellino, prof. Dr. James Ritman and prof. Dr. Joachim Stroth.

The meeting was opened by Dr. Andrej Kugler (ÚJF), the main coordinator of FAIR-CZ, who welcomed all participants, presented the current state of the project and outlined the planned activities for the next period 2020-2022. Ing. Petr Doubek, the financial manager of FAIR-CZ, informed SAC members about financial and administrative details of the project.

FAIR is divided into four pillars: CBM, PANDA, NuSTAR and APPA, bringing together several experimental collaborations of scientists. Czech scientists, associated in the FAIR-CZ project, contribute to all four pillars. The state of the Czech contribution to HADES collaboration (CBM pillar) was approached by Dr. Pavel Tlusty (NPI). Ing. Vasily Mikhaylov (NPI) introduced APD radiation resistance tests of PSD detector for CBM. Ing. František Lopot (Czech Technical Univesity in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) provided an overview of the current state of work on the PSD support platform. Ing. Marie Davídková (NPI) clarified the Czech contribution into collaboration BIOMAT (APPA), dealing with the optimization of ion therapy for some cancers, especially children´s ones. Prof. Miroslav Finger (Charles Univesity, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics) summarized the Czech contribution to PANDA collaboration, refering about Czech contribution into PANDA, i.e. PbWO crystals for PANDA Calorimeter produced in the North Bohemian company Crytur, as well as about silicon detectors developement for Micro-Vertex Detector of PANDA by group of Dr. Vaclav Vrba (Czech Technical Univesity in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering). Ing. Vratislav Chudoba (Silesian University in Opava) spoke about the Czech contribution to collaboration EXPERT (NuSTAR).

The afternoon session of the event was dedicated to the closed SAC session resulting in the final recommendations to the FAIR-CZ project management.