ReMade-TNA second Call for proposals has opened

11. 09. 2023

At the end of August, the 2nd Call for TransNational Access (TNA) research proposals for 2023 year was opened as part of the ReMade@ARI (ReMade-TNA) project, in which the NPI of the CAS also participates.

The academic and industry access application deadline will be October 11, the application and research proposal can be submitted using the ARIA portal here. An overview of the analytical methods offered within the project can be found here.

Support from the ReMade@ARI project can be used to develop your preliminary research ideas into a full proposal. In this case you can apply and submit your pre-proposal via the ARIA portal here, the deadline for your pre-proposals and their submissions will be September 22. A promotional video announcing the 2nd ReMade-TNA call and more information about it can also be found on LinkedIn here.

You can see the success story of the 1st ReMade-TNA Spring 2023 call for proposals on the animated statistics here. You can find a visual overview of the project's services and user access here. More information can be found on the project website here.