Project with LT participation won the GACR President Prize

17. 10. 2019

The prize of the President of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic 2019 was awarded to a project in which scientists from the Laboratory of Tandetron (LT), part of the CANAM infrastructure, participated in 2016-2018. The main investigator of the project Using ion beams for the modification of graphene-based structures was doc. Ing. Zdeněk Sofer, Ph.D. (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague - Faculty of Chemical Technology). The co-investigator of the project was doc. RNDr. Anna Macková, Ph.D. (NPI), head of LT. 

The prize represents an award for outstanding results in the solution of basic research grant projects.

Modified graphene-based materials have a number of applications in flexible electronics, such as supercapacitors, and many others. The team of Z. Sofer also managed to synthesize absolutely pure graphene without any metal impurities in the project and thus proved their fundamental influence on the electropathalytic properties of graphene. Simultaneously, 2D materials based on grapheme were modified using ion beams. The functional micro-device was synthetized  using ion beam lithography. The results of the research were published in 55 impacted journals such as ACS Nano and Angewandte Chemie and had an extraordinary citation response.

The original GACR report (in Czech) can be found here.

Photo: Kamila Pětrašová, GACR