Neuron Award 2019 to Vladimir Lotoreichik from NPI

25. 11. 2019

The Neuron Science Foundation Endowment Award for Young and Promising Scientists in 2019 in Mathematics was awarded to Dr. Vladimir Lotoreichik from the Department of Theoretical Physics of the NPI for his research in spectral theory and shape optimization.

His research concerns mathematical problems inspired by current advances in physics and the possibility to calculate the energy of a body based on its shape. In this field, one often aims at proving mathematically that a certain shape of the body optimizes energy between all shapes, which satisfy specific geometric conditions. “Systems in nature are approaching a state, in which they have minimal energy. From such a viewpoint, the following simple question Why does our Earth have the shape that it has? can be formulated as a mathematical problem in shape optimization for a certain energy,” mentioned V. Lotoreichik as an example, and, regarding his award, he added: “It motivates me to work further and I feel a lot more responsibility at the same time.” For further information and interview with the laureate (in Czech) see


Since the year 2009 the Neuron Science Foundation has been giving awards to outstanding scientists who raise the level of knowledge in the fields of biology, computer science, physics, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, and social sciences. As of today, the fund has given awards to 85 top scientists and supported Czech science with almost CZK 70 mil. The awards of this year were given to eight scientists on 6 November 2019 in the hall of the National Museum. The highest prize – the Neuron Award for the Lifelong Contribution to Science – was awarded to biologist Jiří Friml for his research on the auxin hormone, which makes the plants more resistant than human beings. The debate with this year's laureates took place on Thursday, November 7 in the Opero Café in Salvátorská Street in Prague.