NPI also participates in the CREMLINplus project

30. 07. 2020

CREMLINplus is a Horizon 2020 EU project fostering European-Russian scientific and technical collaboration in the field of large research infrastructures and their mutual harmonization.

Logo of the CREMLINplus project

On the Russian side, these are mainly five "megascience" infrastructures and also projects and facilities listed in LIST-11. The aim of the CREMLINplus project is particularly to enable cooperation in/among specialized European-Russian teams, including teams involved in European large reseach infrastructures (LRI), on instrumentation and technology development. Another goal is to enable the future involvement of European teams in subsequent scientific research at the five mentioned infrastructures in Russia on the principles of Open access and the reciprocal involvement of Russian teams in research at the European large research infrastructures.

CREMLINplus is based on the achievements and results of the previous Horizon 2020 CREMLIN project. The inaugural workshop of the CREMLINplus project took place from 19 to 20 February 2020 at the DESY synchrotron centre in Hamburg.

NPI is one of the 35 participating institutions of the project consortium. Ten of them are Russian institutions, including the international Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, in the operation of which the Czech Republic also participates. 

Participants of the inaugural CREMLINplus project workshop in DESY Hamburg










Participants of the inaugural CREMLINplus project workshop in DESY, Hamburg

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