Henri Becquerel Prize jury selected the winner in NPI meeting room

30. 05. 2022

On 24 May, the jury of the Henri Becquerel Scientific Prize for Nuclear Research, awarded by Électricité de France (EDF) in cooperation with the French Embassy in Prague, judged the oral presentations of the competitors in the meeting room of the Nuclear Physics Institute of the CAS in Řež.

They were be announced at a ceremony on June 23 in the embassy building, where the awards were be presented to them by the laureate of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, prof. Jean-Marie Lehn. The winner of competition is Pavel Suk (Czech Technical University in Prague), the second place went to Ingrid Knapová (Charles University) and the third prize was taken by our employee Marek Sommer from the Department of Radiation Dosimetry (NPI of the CAS). Congratulations!

The chairman of the four-member jury was Héloïse Goutte, former scientific director of the Energy Nuclear Department (CEA) at the GANIL facility, who also used her participation to visit the NPI facility. On behalf of the Czech Academy of Sciences, a member of the jury was Vladimír Wagner, Scientific Secretary of the NPI. On the announcers´ part, Veronique Debord-Lazaro and Agathe Medjani-Daude were also present.

Winning the competition includes a scholarship of CZK 65,000 and a monthly internship of the awarded postdoctoral student in France, second place scholarship of CZK 40,000 as well as a monthly internship in France and third place CZK 25,000 without internship. The winners' internships will take place by the end of 2023.