DNR NPI in the CERN project RADNEXT

26. 06. 2020

NPI Department of the Nuclear Reactions participates in the RADNEXT project proposal, coordinated by the Swiss´ CERN. RADNEXT acronyme is abbreviation of the RADiation facility Network for the EXploration of effects for indusTry and Research.

The project is a part of the Horizon 2020 framework program (H2020). RADNEXT is an H2020 INFRAIA-02-2020 infrastructure proposal with the objective of creating a network of facilities and related irradiation methodology for responding to the emerging needs of electronics component and system irradiation; as well as combining different irradiation and simulation techniques for optimizing the radiation hardness assurance for systems, focusing on the related risk assessment.

As a partner infrastructure of the project, NPI of the CAS will make available - in the international offer - its neutron generators and other equipment connected to TR-24 and U-120 M cyclotrons, working in the Laboratory of Cyclotrons and Fast Neutron Generators (LC & FNG), part of our CANAM infrastructure.

NPI will participate in the RADNEXT project in both work packages of the Transnational Access part: WP09/TA1 Neutron, muon and mixed-field spallation facilities and irradiation and WP10/TA2 Proton and heavy ion beams and irradiation. In the Czech Republic, only two infrastructures participated in the RADNEXT project: in addition to NPI also ELI Beams in Dolní Břežany near Prague. For more detailed information, please contact the RADNEXT project coordinators directly at