After Petr Lukáš, Ondřej Svoboda became the director of NPI of the CAS

07. 06. 2022

On Thursday, June 2, 2022, we said goodbye to RNDr. Petr Lukáš, CSc., who was part of the NPI management for a total of 22 years, half of which in the director's position. He is now returning in full to his scientific work in the Neutron Physics Department of the NPI.

During the informal meeting, a small treat was prepared and souvenir gifts were given from colleagues. In his short speech, the outgoing director thanked everyone for their cooperation and briefly evaluated his work in the NPI management. On this occasion, he also wished many successes to the new director, Ing. Ondřej Svoboda, Ph.D., who has been deputy director since 2017. A rare moment was also a meeting of three generations of the NPI directors: the former (Ing. Jan Dobeš, CSc.), outgoing and incoming.

And what was the meeting´s atmosphere like? Judge for yourself in the photo gallery below😊.

Zuzana Vycpálková, DiS.
Personnel manager, NPI of the CAS



Ondřej Svoboda hands over the cake to Petr Lukáš …


... and a recreation voucher too


Petr Lukáš as a cyclist pleased the jersey with the signatures of the NPI staff (and with the NPI logo on the other side)


There was also a portioning of the cake, the outgoing director shared it with colleagues


Three generations of NPI directors during a non-alcoholic toast and discussion