The 20th Conference of Czech and Slovak Physicists with NPI papers

31. 08. 2020

The jubilee 20th Conference of Czech and Slovak Physicists will take place on September 7-10, 2020 in Prague. It will be organized by the Czech Physical Society UCMP and the Slovak Physical Society together with the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (FMP) of the Charles University in the FMP building in Troja Prague´s quarter. One-fifth of the conference papers will be presented by NPI staff, including a significant part of our foreign staff. The languages ​​of the conference will be English, Czech and Slovak.

In the invited lecture, Otokar Dragoun will talk about the results of the KATRIN experiment, which determined the upper limit of the neutrino mass below 1 eV. In a plenary lecture, Andrej Kugler will present the Czech participation in the European Large Research Infrastructure FAIR.

In parallel sections, G. F. D’Agata will present nuclear methods for astrophysical purposes, E. Šimečková will present proton and deuteron activation in NPI and the French infrastructure SPIRAL2/NFS (SPIRAL2-CZ project in the NPI). D. Koliadko will describe the detection for (N, G *) reactions by fast neutrons, M. Ansorge will describe the nuclear data measurement with collimated fast neutron beams produced by cyclotron-driven neutron generators. A. Cassica will talk about the effects of high pressure on the radioactive decay. J. Vaněk and R. Líčeník will talk about interesting results of Au + Au collisions at 200 GeV in the STAR experiment, A. Isakov will present the ITS upgrade in the ALICE project. J. Chudoba will present open LHC data in the ATLAS experiment. G. Ponimakin, F. Křížek and J. Dittrich will make further contributions.

The conference will also include a programme for the public and physics teachers in primary and secondary schools. The conference is held under the auspices of the Mayor of Prague and the Ambassador of Slovakia to the Czech Republic. A detailed conference programme with annotations can be found at

Cover photo: FMP CU