Martin Schäfer on Pionless EFT theory revealing the onset of ΛΛ hypernuclear binding

22. 07. 2019

Ing. Martin Schäfer from the Department of Theoretical Physics of the NPI presented on July 11, 2019, at NPI meeting room his work on the onset of ΛΛ hypernuclear binding.

The highly topical issue of the lightest ΛΛ hypernucleus remains still unresolved mainly due to the lack of ΛΛ scattering data as well as limited data on ΛΛ hypernuclear systems. Valuable information on the ΛΛ interaction has been provided recently by the analyses of ΛΛ correlations in relativistic heavy ion collisions, which put further experimental constraints on ΛΛ scattering length.

Pionless EFT theory, widely applied by the team of prof. Barnea (the Hebrew University), represents a very convenient tool with minimal set of low energy constants. They are fitted to available data, taking into account both experimental as well as theoretical uncertainties.

M. Schäfer's work was the output of his six-month internship at the Hebrew University of Israel, supported by the Physicists on the Move (KINEÓ) project.