Jaroslava Hrtankova K- quasi-bound states in atomic nuclei

10. 07. 2019

On June 6, 2019, Ing. Jaroslava Hrtankova, Ph.D., from the Theoretical Department, NPI, presented results of her work produced during the 6 months stay at the University of Barcelona, within the series of KINEÓ seminars in the NPI conference room in front of 20 listeners.

During the stay, she developed a microscopic model for the K- absorption on two nucleons in nuclear matter using the K-N scattering amplitudes derived from the state-of-the-art chiral meson-baryon interaction models. Absorption fractions calculated within the model are in a good agreement with the data from bubble chamber experiments as well as with recent data from the AMADEUS experiment. The model is thus suitable for further applications in calculations of the K- quasi-bound states in atomic nuclei.