Compressed Baryonic Matter - CBM

The FAIR research program Compressed Baryonic Matter consists of two experiments studying hot and dense nuclear matter: the HADES (High Acceptance Di-Electron Spectrometer) and the CBM (Compressed Baryonic Matter experiment).

The HADES experiment will focus on study of hadron properties in medium exploiting di-electron and strange hadron probes in moderate multiplicity environment.

CBM experiment will gain from extreme luminosity and hence the possibility to study rare reactions and particles in large multiplicity environment. Czech scientists are significantly contributing to research, development and construction of Electromagnetic calorimeter for HADES spectrometer and Projectile Spectator detector for the CBM setup.

The HADES will have the first experiments already in 2018 within the FAIR phase 0 physics program, the CBM will start its physical program four years later.