17. 10. 2019
The prize of the President of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic 2019 was awarded to a project in which scientists from the Laboratory of Tandetron (LT), part of the CANAM infrastructure, participated in 2016-2018. ...
30. 09. 2019
The CANAM infrastructure was presented at the prestigious 15th International Workshop on Slow Positron Beam Techniques & Applications (SLOPOS-15), organized by Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Prague (FMP CU, mainly by ...
23. 09. 2019
The Nuclear Physics Division (NPD) of the European Physical Society (EPS) introduces a new EPS-NPD divisional conference. ...
02. 05. 2018
The meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the CANAM (Centre of Accelerators and Nuclear Analytical Methods) project was held at Vila Lanna on 9 - 10 February 2017.