Sampling and Storage

Avoid sample contamination (by paper fibres, hair, animal har, mould infestation and more). Skleněné vialky a plastové mikrotuby ideální k odběru a skladování vzorků
Handle small samples with tweezers or forceps, or through a clean plastic bag. This will prevent contamination.
After sampling, dry and store the samples in a dry, dark place. Freeze wet samples.
Wrap dry samples in aluminum foil or put them in a plastic bag (not a paper bag!). Put small samples in glass or plastic vials.
Provide each sample with a unique label on the outer surface of the bag/vial. Label all samples in the series.

Ceramic samples for lipid analysis should not be in contact with plastic bags. The best practice is wrapping the ceramic samples in aluminum foil and then in paper bag. Ceramic fragments being glued, labelled or washed with anything but water are not suitable for ORA. In case of doubt, we offer sampling on site by ourselves.