Nuclear Physics for Cultural Heritage

05. 12. 2016

NPI scientists participated on the preparation of the topical paper titled "Nuclear Physics for Cultural Heritage", which was realized by the Nuclear Physics Board of the European Physical Society.

The topical paper is focused on enormous progress in the use of nuclear physics techniques to study, characterize and preserve cultural heritage objects and artifacts. This expert review seeks to provide the public with a popular and accessible account of the latest developments in this field.  The contributions from a range of leading specialists explain how applied atomic and nuclear techniques can be used to obtain information that can help us understand the way of life in ancient times and how they can be used to conserve cultural heritage treasures (view leaflet).

A topical review by the Nuclear Physics Division of the European Physical Society was edited by Anna Macková, Douglas MacGregor, Faiçal Azaiez, Johan Nyberg and Eli Piasetzky and published by the Nuclear Physics Division of the European Physical Society, October 2016.
DOI: 10.1071/978-2-7598-2091-7
ISBN: 978-2-7598-2091-7