Analytic and algebraic methods in physics

                 Doppler Institute microconference



September 6 - September 9, 2022

Czech Technical University in Prague, Trojanova street 339/13



This conference aims to bring together scientists working in various areas of applied mathematics, theoretical and mathematical physics, with an emphasis on but not limited to modern developments in quantum physics. The meeting is traditionally held in Prague since 2007. It has become popular for its informal atmosphere and promotion of young researchers.


Scientific board

Jussi Behrndt (Graz)  Joshua Feinberg (Haifa)
Carl Bender (St. Louis) David Fernández (Mexico City)
Pavel Exner (Řež) Javier Negro (Valladolid) 

Organizing committee

Vít Jakubský (NPI CAS Řež, chair) Matěj Tušek (FNSPE CTU Prague)
Vladimir Lotoreichik (NPI CAS Řež) Miloslav Znojil (NPI CAS Řež)


Participants and program

  • Tentative program is here
  • List of participants is here
  • Book of Abstracts is here
  • Talks in pdfs are here
  • Conference poster is here
  • Conference photo is here


Proceeds by email to or to one of the organizers. Registration of the speakers is closed.


Conference fee: 800 czk (~30 euro) to be paid onsite. We can accept czk only.


Arrival/Survival Info

The lecture hall is in the CTU building in the first floor.  Public transport is recommended. Closest stops  are Karlovo namesti (Metro, Tram), Moran (Tram), Palackeho namesti (Tram), Jiraskovo namesti (Tram). 

Internet onsite: eduroam

Some tips for lunch nearby: mroll here, vegan here, burger here 

Tips for a walk nearby: e.g. Naplavka, Vysehrad . You can also try this one. For culture events and exhibitions, see this one.

Security measures: beware of pickpockets, never ever change the money with a stranger on the street (a cash mashine is recommended), face masks are not obligatory (so far)


See here


Conference e-mail:

Vit Jakubsky:
Vladimir Lotoreichik:
Miloslav Znojil:

Nuclear Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague

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