New Trends in Thermal Phases of QCD

Prague Workshop: "New Trends in Thermal Phases of QCD", Apr 14-17, 2023


Workshop Focus: 

Discovery of near-perfect fluidity in hot strongly-interacting matter revealed gaps in our theoretical understanding of thermal QCD. In an effort to refocus on the basics, this workshop will bring together researchers working in related areas to closely interact, exchange ideas, and share experiences on this topic. A particular attention will be given to aspects of Anderson localization, IR scale invariance and Dirac spectral non-analyticity that recently entered this thought arena, but also to more traditional topics such as U_A(1) anomaly, topology, equation of state and other. 

Workshop Program (pdf)

International Advisory: 

Andrei Alexandru, Massimo D´Elia, Tamás Kovács

Local Organizing Committee:

Jaroslav Bielčík, Ivan Horváth (Chair), Michal Šumbera


Vila Lanna, Bubeneč, Prague                                   


Ivan Horváth,

List of Participants: 

Maria-Paola Lombardo
Ravi Shanker
Claudio Bonanno
Tamás Kovács
Matteo Giordano
Andrey Kotov
Andrei Alexandru
Peter Markoš
Robert Mendris
Keh-Fei Liu
Leonid Glozman
Owe Philipsen
Roman Pasechnik
Karel Šafařík
Oleg Borisenko
Lorenz von Smekal
Filip Křížek
Boris Tomášik
Heng-Tong Ding
Yi-Bo Yang
Jiří Adam
Jiří Hošek
Dimitrios Petrellis
Miloslav Znojil
Xiaolan Meng
Peng Sun
Jaroslav Bielčík
Michal Šumbera
Ivan Horváth


Karel Šafařík   pdf
Andrei Alexandru   pdf
Yi-Bo Yang   pdf
Claudio Bonanno   pdf
Peter Markoš   pdf
Robert Mendris   pdf
Tamás Kovács   pdf
Matteo Giordano   pdf
Ravi Shanker   pdf
Leonid Glozman   pdf
Owe Philipsen   pdf
Boris Tomášik   pdf
Maria-Paola Lombardo   pdf
Keh-Fei Liu   pdf
Andrey Kotov   pdf
Lorenz von Smekal   pdf
Oleg Borisenko pdf
Heng-Tong Ding pdf
Roman Pasechnik   pdf
Michal Šumbera   pdf
Filip Křížek   pdf
Ivan Horváth   Ivan´s remarks at the workshop were based, in part, on the following past presentations: 
                          Lattice 2019,  Jun 16-22  2019, Wuhan, China             FunQCD22  Jun 13-17 2022, Valencia, Spain





This workshop is supported by the project Centre of Advanced Applied Sciences (CAAS) with the number CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16-019/0000778. CAAS is co-financed by European Union.

Workshop on Physics of Hypernuclei

Workshop on Physics of Hypernuclei

February 15-16, 2020
Nuclear Physics Institute of the CAS, Řež, Czech Republic

The scientific program of the workshop starts on Saturday morning and ends on Sunday afternoon. We show only the total time of each presentation as comments and questions are welcome any time. The column "BJ" indicates presenters joining the workshop via the video-conference system.

February 15 (Saturday)
9:00 - 9:10   Opening session  
9:10 - 9:50 Toshiyuki Gogami      What we measured at JLab / overview of JLab experiments  
9:50 - 10:30 Petr Bydžovský Electroproduction of hypernuclei in impulse approximation  
10:30 - 10:50   Coffee break  
10:50 - 11:20 Kazuki N. Suzuki Light hypernuclear measurement plan (A=3,4) at JLab  
11:20 - 12:00 Petr Veselý Description of Nuclei and Hypernuclei within the Equation of Motion Phonon Method  
12:00 - 14:00   Lunch break  
14:00 - 14:40 Kosuke Itabashi nnΛ analysis (1) YES
14:40 - 15:20 Bischnu Pandey nnΛ analysis (2) YES
15:20 - 15:40   Coffee break  
15:40 - 16:20 Dalibor Skoupil Electro- and photoproduction of K+Λ on protons  
16:20 - 17:00 Eiichi Umezaki Elementary process cross section analysis  
February 16 (Sunday)
9:00 - 9:40 Toshio Motoba Medium to heavy hypernuclear calculation YES
9:40 - 10:20 Satoshi Nue Nakamura A = 40, 48 hypernuclear measurement at JLab YES
10:20 - 10:40   Coffee break  
10:40 - 11:20 Atsushi Umeya Light hypernuclear calculation (A=7-12) YES
11:20 - 12:00 Sho Nagao ELPH experiment status and plan (3ΛH lifetime) YES
12:00 - 12:20 Yuichi Toyama Analysis of Lambda lifetime data, + 4ΛH LT measurement at ELPH YES
12:20 - 12:40 Kazuki Katayama Future HKS performance (trigger + DAQ etc.) YES
12:50 - 13:50   Lunch break  
13:50 - 14:30 Jan Pokorný Natural Orbitals and the Equation of Motion Phonon Method  
14:30 - 15:00 Toshiyuki Gogami How to work as a collaboration (discussion)  
15:00 - 15:20   Coffee break  
15:20 - 16:00   Discussion and closing  

We plan to have a social dinner in the restaurant Na Rozhraní (Srbská 7, Praha 6) on Saturday evening.


In order to get from Vila Marna to Řež, the easiest way is to get on the train at the Praha-Podbaba station (15 minutes walking from Vila Marna, see the map underneath). The train goes every 30 minutes, i.e. 7:49, 8:19, 8:49 etc., and reaches Řež in less than 15 minutes.

Detailed information on transportation can be found at

Should you have any questions, please contact the organizers.


Pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians in Quantum Physics

conference series

Pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians
in Quantum Physics

the nearest meeting of the series

will take place
during July 31st - August 4th, 2023


in Istanbul, Turkey;

for details see the official homepage of the conference

all inquiries have to be sent now to the
main organizer: professor Ali Mostafazadeh,

in parallel,

register also for the regular Zoomed

vPHHQP seminars

free of charge,
organized by Andreas Fring
(City, University of London)
and by Francisco Correa
(Universidad Austral de Chile)



March 18 - 22, 2019

in Sanya, Hainan province, China;
more detailed info is here;

cca 59 participants, no proceedings;
see also the photos from the meeting
local organizers:
Shao-Ming Fei, Miloslav Znojil
and Xianqing Li-Jost


June 4-13, 2018

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

see the webpage of the meeting here
local organizers:
Bhabani Prasad Mandal, Manas Kulkarni et al.

the 17th PHHQP workshop

"Non-Hermitian Hamiltonians in Physics:
Theory and Experiment"

supported by

took place, during May 14 - 19, 2017
(as the 642th "Wilhelm und Else-Heraus Seminar")
in Bad Honnef, Germany,
in the

Physics Centre of the German Physical Society

main organizers:
Guenter Wunner and Eva-Maria Graefe

cca 66 participants, no proceedings;

the photo of participants:

plus identification pattern

the 16th PHHQP workshop

"Pseudo-Hermitian Operators in Physics"

took place, during August 8 - 12, 2016,
in Kyoto, Japan,
in the Maskawa Hall of

main organizer: professor Naomichi Hatano
cca 60 participants, no proceedings,

official photo (4.6 MB):

the 15th PHHQP workshop

(cf. the official webpage )

took place, during May 18 - 23, 2015,

“Sala Lanza” of the Botanic Garden (Orto Botanico),
Via Lincoln, 2 - 90123, Palermo, Italy

main organizer: professor Fabio Bagarello
cca 67 participants
see photo below (1.8 MB):

the proceedings
in "Springer Proceedings in Physics", vol. 184
ISSN: 0930-8989
editors: F. Bagarello et al.
published (2016).

the 14th PHHQP workshop

(cf. the official webpage )
took place, during September 5 - 10, 2014,
in the campus of

in Setif, Algeria,

main organizer: professor Mustapha Maamache
cca 68 participants
see photo below (5.5 MB):

M. Znojil, ed.,
International Journal of Theoretical Physics,
Volume 54, Issue 11, October 2015,
Pages 3867 - 4183

ISSN: 0020-7748
(ISSN: 1572-9575 for electronic version)

the 13th PHHQP workshop

"Quantum (and Classical) Physics
with Non-Hermitian Operators"

two years delayed,
the meeting finally took place
in Jerusalem, Israel,
during July 12 - July 16, 2015
on the Edmond J. Safra Campus of

at IIAS:

main organizer: professor Joshua Feinberg

all talks are available

or in proceedings
shared with PHHQP XV (see above)

the 12th PHHQP workshop

"Pseudo-Hermitian Operators in Physics"

took place, during July 2 - 6, 2013,
in the

in Istanbul, Turkey,

main organizer: professor Ali Mostafazadeh,
cca 67 participants, no proceedings,

photo (7.3 MB):

plus identification pattern and
(an incomplete) name assignment

the 11th PHHQP workshop

"Non-Hermitian Operators in Quantum Physics"

August 27 - 31, 2012,
main organizer: J.-P. Gazeau

Lab. AstroParticule et Cosmologie (APC)
10 rue Alice Domon et Leonie Duquet
75025 Paris, France

cca 60 participants:

and poster:

in place of proceedings,
edited book
"Non-Selfadjoint Operators in Quantum Physics: Mathematical Aspects"
ISBN: 978-1-118-85528-7, 432 pages
(c) 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
edited by Fabio Bagarello, Jean-Pierre Gazeau,
Franciszek H. Szafraniec and Miloslav Znojil,
printed in July 2015:

the 10th PHHQP workshop

was organized as a part of the
International Seminar and Workshop

"Quantum Physics with Non-Hermitian Operators"

and it took place in
Max Planck Institute

in Dresden, Germany

during June 14 - 25, 2011
main organizer: I. Rotter

cca 100 participants:

special issue
of Fortschritte and of J. Phys. A;
reference here

the 9th PHHQP workshop
(see the official webpage)
took place in

in Hangzhou, China, during June 21 - 24, 2010.

main organizer: Jun De Wu

cca 80 participants:

(cf. the names)

appeared in the special issue of

International Journal of Theoretical Physics

Nr. 4 (April 2011), pp. 953 - 1333 .

guest editors:
Wu Junde (Zhejiang University, China) and
Miloslav Znojil (NPI Řež).

the 8th PHHQP workshop
(see a photo)

organized by

in the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education
and in the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
in Mumbai

during January 12 - 16, 2009;

main organizers: S. R. Jain and Z. Ahmed

proceedings appeared in
Pramana - J. Phys.,
Part I: No. 2, August 2009, pp. 215 -- 422,
Part II: No 3, September 2009, pp. 417 -- 626.
reprinted as the book:e
"Non-Hermitian Hamiltonians in Quantum Physics"
(Indian Acad. Sci., Bangalore, 2009)
guest editors:
Sudhir R. Jain and Zafar Ahmed

the 7th PHHQP workshop
(see two photos and the official webpage)

co-organized with

in the Benasque Centre for Science , Spain,

during June 29 - July 11, 2008;

main organizer: A. A. Andrianov
proceedings: special issue
SIGMA 5 (2009)
items 1,5,7,17,18,39,43,47,53,64,69.
guest editors:
A. A. Andrianov, C. M. Bender, H. F. Jones,
A. V. Smilga and M. Znojil.

the 6th PHHQP workshop
(see 142 photos and the official webpage)

co-organized with

during 16 - 18 July, 2007,
in London, UK,

main organizer: A. Fring
J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 41 (2008) 240301 - 244027,
special issue
dedicated to the subject of the Workshop
(Nr. 24, 20 June 2008),
guest editors A. FringH. F. Jones and M. Znojil.

the 5th PHHQP workshop

organized by

on July 3rd - 5th, 2006,
in Bologna, Italy,
main organizer: E. Caliceti

parallel special issue:
Czech. J. Phys. 56 (2006) 885 - 1064
(Nr. 9, September 2006),
guest editor: M. Znojil.

the 4th PHHQP workshop
(see photo or photo or official photo and official webpage)

co-organized with

campus in Stellenbosch, South Africa,
November 22 - 25, 2005;
main organizer: H. B. Geyer

J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 39 (2006) 9963 - 10262,
special issue dedicated to the physics of non-Hermitian operators
(Nr. 32, 11. August 2006),
guest editors H. Geyer, D. Heiss and M. Znojil.

the 3rd PHHQP workshop
(see photo and official webpage)

co-organized with

campus in Istanbul, Turkey,
June 20 - 22, 2005;
main organizer: A. Mostafazadeh
proceedings in

Czech. J. Phys. 55 (2005) 1045 - 1192,
guest editor: M. Znojil.

the 2nd PHHQP workshop
(see photo)

organized solely by

Villa Lanna, Prague, Czechia,
June 14 - 16 , 2004
main organizer: M. Znojil

Czech. J. Phys. 54 (2004) 1005 - 1148,
guest editor: M. Znojil.

the 1st PHHQP workshop
(see photo)

co-organized with

Villa Lanna, Prague,, Czechia,
June 16 - 17 , 2003
main organizer: M. Znojil
Czech. J. Phys. 54 (2004) 1 - 156,
guest editor: M. Znojil.

preliminary plans

currently discussed
by the members of the steering committee:

Carl Bender (Washington University, St. Louis)
Andreas Fring (City, University of London)
Ali Mostafazadeh (Koc University, Istanbul)
Petr Siegl (Technische Universitaet, Graz)
Miloslav Znojil (NPI Rez)

for the year 2024:



email, please, your inquiries to MZ
or, better, to Andreas Fring

for the year 2025:


Valdivia, Chile

email, please, your inquiries to MZ
or, better, to Francisco Correa

for the year 2026:



planned to take place,


Center for Nonlinear Studies
LANL, Santa Fe, USA
email, please, your inquiries to the organizers:
Yogesh Joglekar and
Avadh Saxena

Note: a few last issues of older proceedings are still available
upon emailed request.

page updated: December 1st, 2022

Mathematical Results in Quantum Theory (QMath)

A conference series "Mathematical Results in Quantum Theory" (or QMath) was initiated by P. Exner and P. Seba in 1987. The aim is not only to bring together people interested in the "quantum part" of mathematical physics, but in the first place to stimulate a search of new quantum effects and a deeper understanding of quantum physics, as well as development of methods which can help in situations where the standard quantum mechanical tools are inadequate. Up to now there were thirteen meetings, the fourteenths is in preparation:

More about the program of the previous conferences can be learned from the conference proceedings which were published in the following volumes:

  • QMath1: Applications of Self-Adjoint Extensions in Quantum Physics, Lecture Notes in Physics, vol.324; Springer, Berlin 1989
  • QMath2: Schroedinger Operators, Standard and Non-Standard, World Scientific, Singapore 1989
  • QMath3: Order, Disorder, and Chaos in Quantum Systems, Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, vol.46; Birhauser, Basel 1990
  • QMath4: Rigorous Results in Quantum Dynamics, World Scientific, Singapore 1991
  • QMath5: Mathematical Results in Quantum Mechanics, Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, vol.70; Birhauser, Basel 1994
  • QMath6: Proceedings of the Conference Mathematical Results in Quantum Mechanics, Helv. Phys. Acta 71 (1998), No.1
  • QMath7: Mathematical Results in Quantum Mechanics, Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, vol.108; Birhauser, Basel 1999
  • QMath8: Mathematical Results in Quantum Mechanics, Contemporary Mathematics, vol.307; AMS, Providence, R.I., 2002
  • QMath9: Mathematical Physics of Quantum Mechanics (J. Asch and A. Joye, eds.), Lecture Notes in Physics, vol. 690, Springer, Berlin 2006
  • QMath10: Mathematical Results in Quantum Mechanics (I. Beltita, G. Nenciu and R. Purice, eds.), World Scientific, Singapore 2008
  • QMath11: Mathematical Results in Quantum Physics (P. Exner, ed.), World Scientific, Singapore 2011
  • QMath12: Mathematical Results in Quantum Mechanics (P. Exner, W. König, H. Neidhardt, eds.), World Scientific, Singapore 2014
  • QMath13: Mathematical Problems in Quantum Physics (F. Bonetto, D. Borthwick, E. Harrell, M. Loss, eds.), AMS Contemporary Mathematic Series, vol. 717; Providence, R.I., 2018
  • QMath14: Reviews in Mathematical Physics, vol. 33 (2021), No. 1; Special Issue on Mathematical Results in Quantum Mechanics
HYP2022 conference


Current information here

Past years

Past AAMP conferencies can be found here