Ing. Daniel Seifert, Ph.D.

Daniel Seifert, Ph.D.

Ing. Daniel Seifert, Ph.D.
Workplace:   Department of Radiopharmaceuticals
Position:   junior researcher
Phone:   +420 266 173 661
+420 266 172 469
+420 266 172 180
Fax:   +420 220 941 002
Address:   Nuclear Physics Institute of the CAS
Řež 130
250 68 Husinec-Řež
Czech Republic

Current Projects

  • Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, project no. TA02010797 (2012–2014)
    Title: Labelling of recombinant antibody fragments with use of microfluidic systems
    Position: Project manager and key person
  • Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, project no. TA03010315 (2013–2015)
    Title: FCB-fluorine conversion box
    Position: Project co-ordinator and key person

Completed projects

  • Ministry of industry and trade of the Czech Republic, project no. MPO/2A-1TP1/055 (2006–2012)
    Title: Development of PET radiodiagnostics for imaging in oncology and neurology
    Position: Team member

Professional CV

  • Nuclear Physics Institute CAS

Projekty, stáže, práce

10/2002-03/2006   Development of methods of radioactive labeling and purification of monoclonal antibody TU-20 and its scFv fragment
04/2006-06/2007   Study and internship focused on automation radiochemical synthesis of [18F]Fluoroethylspiperon (Scientific Institute H San Raffaele, Milan)
07/2007-06/2010   Optimization of automated synthesis of [18F]Fluoroethylspiperon
03/2007–03/2008   Development and validation of automated synthesis of [18F] Fluoroethyltyrosin for clinical evaluation
09/2007-12/2008   Operator in routine production of Radinuclide generator 81Rb/81mKr
01/2008-05/2010   Development of target apparatuses KrIII and control software for routine production of 81Rb
04/2008-12/2011   Development of new labeling techniques for [18F]FDOPA in the module Hotbox III
06/2009-07/2009   Development of new separation techniques for monoclonal antibodies on reverse HPLC for routine HPLC C-18 column.
06/2010-10/2010   Implementation of the apparatus KrIII to the production process
01/2012-now   Project manager (project no. TA02010797)
03/2012   Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry (dissertation Optimization of the radiosynthesis of [18F]fluoroethylspiperone using commercially available Automated Synthesis Modules); junior researcher
01/2012-now   Project co-ordinator (project no. TA03010315)


2006–2007   Certificate of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) for the course in the field of nuclear chemistry and radiochemistry at the University of Pavia, Italy.
2008   Special professional ability to perform activities especially important from the viewpoint of radiation protection (permission from SUJB – State office for Nuclear Safety).
2009   Certified Programmer in the development of LabVIEW level CLAD (Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer).
2010   Certified Programmer in the development of LabVIEW level CLD (Certified LabVIEW Developer).