The second RAMSES workshop and Advisory Board Meeting have successfully finished

28. 03. 2019

Three dozen participants, including several international guests, attended the first day of the second RAMSES project workshop, stakeholders' meeting and networking event, which took place on 21 March 2019 at the Czech Technical University in Prague – Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FNSPE).

All participants were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Igor Jex, dean of FNSPE, Dr. Jan Mařík, director of Institute of Archaealogy Prague (IAP) of the CAS, and Dr. Petr Lukáš, director of Nuclear Physics Institute (NPI) of the CAS.

The chairman of the first-day-event was Assoc. Prof. Mojmír Němec (FNSPE). Prof. Jan Kučera and Ing. Martin Matějka introduced current status of the RAMSES project. Dr. Marcus Christl (ETH Zürich) lectured about Development and Applications of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry. Dr. Ivo Světlík (NPI) presented the significance of radiocarbon measurement. Dr. Alžběta Danielisová and Dr. Peter Demján (IAP) introduced using radiocarbon dating in archaeology, Assoc. Prof. Mojmír Němec (FNSPE) spoke about measurement of actinides and fission products. Prof. Jan Kučera (NPI) discussed the importance of measurement of cosmogenic radionuclides, and Prof. Xiaolin Hou (DTU) – a new member of RAMSES ABM – held the speech about Determination of low-level Radionuclides in the Environment using AMS: Sample Preparation and Application. The hard work day was ended by dinner with informal discussions.

Half of the first day´s participants attented Advisory board meeting (ABM) the next day, 22 March. It took place in the headquarters of the Czech Chemical Society at the Novotného lávka, located close to the FNSPE building and Charles Bridge.